03 Nov 2023

When Joey Drank The Movement Kool-Aid

Going deep on a particular training methodology is a rite of passage for any young coach. The danger is when we stick ar [..]

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13 Oct 2023

The Evolution Of Our Coaches Intensive

Like everything in our biz, our coaches course has changed over the years. We see this as both an inevitability, and an [..]

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18 Sep 2023

The 9 Class Coaching Must Do’s

ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT TO GET 20% OFF 🔥 Learn our training methodology, the JB philosophy, and [..]

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11 Sep 2023

Finding The Right Coaches: Specialist vs Generalist

Learn our training methodology, the JB philosophy, and the skill sets required to work in our gyms at the Coache [..]

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21 Aug 2023

Being Productive When You Got 1000 Things On Your Plate

Jumping between roles in your business is a big challenge when it comes to productivity. If you run a business chance [..]

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14 Aug 2023

Our Single Favourite Piece Of Gym Equipment

Today we're talking about the GOAT of gym equipment. The one piece that has been central to the JB ethos since day on [..]

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07 Aug 2023

Your Gym Is Intimidating & the Customer Service Sucks

It can be hard to realise how scary it is for a newbie walking into your gym... It's a second home f [..]

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04 Aug 2023

Gym Equipment: Don’t Become a Slave To Your Investment

We all love buying new gear for the gym.   Members love it. Coaches love it.   Even watching the d [..]

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04 Aug 2023

Zerchers, Back Squats & How We Structure Our Sessions

I got into a heated debate with a fellow strength coach... It started because he insisted Zercher Sq [..]

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20 Jun 2023

You’ve Done Enough. Now Take The Leap

You know action is the thing.   We’ve all seen enough Tony Robbins-type cats tell us that ‘taking massive [..]

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