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the training philosophy and ethos.

Jungle Cabarita Beach (coming soon!)

Cabarita Beach, Tweed Coast

Jungle Five Dock

4/87 Great North Rd, Five Dock, NSW

Jungle Botany

15 Underwood Avenue, Botany, NSW 2019 Australia

Jungle Ballina

28 Smith Drive, West Ballina New South Wales 2478, Australia


Certified Jungle Alliance gyms can be found here. Note - if the gym or coach name does not appear on this list, they aren’t part of the Alliance.

The Jungle Alliance is home to a range of gyms, each with their own flavor. The values that these gyms are built on are the same. They share DNA. At all Jungle Alliance gyms you will find:
  • A combination of bodyweight strength, resistance training and mobility programming.
  • A constantly evolving training program.
  • Coaching of the highest standard.
  • Coaches and staff who care deeply about each and every person who walks through the door.
  • A warm and inclusive community and training environment.

The Jungle Alliance does not advocate for a strict one-size-fits training style. It’s style of training is centered around 2 key ideas:
  1. A combination of bodyweight strength, resistance training and mobility produces the most physically robust humans.
  2. The best training method is constantly evolving as new information and processes come to light. 
As long as these central ideas are adhered to, Allies are able to express their training program as they wish.

Gyms who wish to join the Jungle Alliance are required to have their gym owner or manager complete our 2-day Coaches Intensive course. Upon completion of the course the gym owner/manager can submit an application to become an Ally. To be successful in their application they must wholeheartedly support, and run their gym in accordance with, the following statements:
  • I believe the best training method is constantly evolving.
  • I hold myself to the highest standards in coaching and life.
  • I believe small gyms have the power to change the world.
  • I am open to cultural and personal evolution. I believe the combination of bodyweight strength, resistance training and mobility produces the greatest physical robustness. 
  • I am courageous enough to join a revolution in the fitness industry.
If you would like to learn more about joining you can contact us here.