Sydney Coaches Certificate | 21-22 September


Learn the Jungle Training Method, Development Philosophy, gain our Coaches Toolkit, and become eligible to work in an Alliance gym, in this 2 day course


This course is a distillation of everything we’ve learned and come to value as career coaches spanning a collective 40 years in the game. From running our own gyms, traveling the world for knowledge, developing generations of coaches, and building our own training methodology and philosophy

We set a standard in the fitness industry, and this course is where that standard begins for you



  • Our Foundational Movements Patterns, including Bodyweight Training, Weightlifting, Movement and Conditioning
  • How to coach with authority and become a leader in your space
  • The JA philosophy and how you can use it to build robust, durable humans
  • Practical programming principles
  • Business basics like sales, marketing and social media management

And much more…



Have increased clarity on your career direction and potential

Know your weak spots and have the tools to overcome them

Be confident in delivering an exceptional training experience to your people

Have the tools to be a world class coach

Be eligible to work in any Jungle Alliance gym


There are no prerequisites and you don’t have to be a coach to enroll


Upon enrollment you’ll receive your a digital copy of the Jungle Alliance Coaches Guide. Upon arrival at the course you’ll be issued a bound hard copy along with our Sales and Marketing Workbooks

The course is capped at 20 participants.



Weekend of September 21-22, 2024.

8am – 4pm both days with a 45 minute lunch break. Held at Jungle Botany, 15 Underwood Avenue Botany NSW 2019


***Early bird pricing is available until 31st July***

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For inquiries contact Joey on 0422 412 533 or send an email to



All bookings are final, and we do not offer refunds. If there are exceptional circumstances which cause you to not be able to attend the event we will credit your enrollment to the next Coaches Intensive. 48 hours notice is required in this event.




From : 12/03/2024

To : 21/09/2024

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