Finding The Right Coaches: Specialist vs Generalist

Learn our training methodology, the JB philosophy, and the skill sets required to work in our gyms at the Coaches Intensive. October 21-22, 2023

You will learn:

  • Our Foundational Movements Patterns, including Bodyweight, Weightlifting, Movement and Conditioning
  • How to coach with authority and become a leader in your space
  • The JB philosophy and how you can use it to build robust, durable humans
  • Practical programming principles
  • Business basics like sales and marketing

Whether your goal is to someday work with us or not, you’ll leave this experience with many practical tools to improve your coaching career.

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In todays chat, Pauly and I dive into one of the key challenges we’ve faced when bringing new coaches into our business. We bring this challenge back to a single concept – the specialist vs the generalist. We define what each of these labels means and how that can affect the coaches you have in your space, or your journey as a coach.