The Fight Lift Move Methodology


What started as wanting one place that had all the different training styles we were into… Became the Fight, Lift, Move method.


A perspective on physical development that underpins all training in our gym.


Martial arts was a fundamental aspect of Paul, Tee and my own journey.


Paul grew up learning kung fu and boxing from his older brothers.


Teora found muay thai as a troubled teen.


I grew up learning kung fu from my older brother, and jiu jitsu in my early twenties.


All three of us came up watching Van Damme, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan films (no surprises there)


The Fight aspect of physical training is important to us. Having the ability to defend yourself, and those around you is something we see as a non-negotiable. Further, it provides a platform for self-knowledge and expression. Nothing brings out your true qualities like getting your ass kicked by someone who’s simply more skilled than you.


We also enjoyed Lifting.


Whether that was the bodybuilding focussed training of our late teens, the heavy barbell work, or hoisting odd objects like rocks and logs – we saw great benefit in all forms. Nothing built raw strength and power like shifting heavy objects. The simplicity. The binary nature of the lift (did you lift it or not?). The stability.


Its an essential aspect of physical development.


And lastly, the Movement.


This was where the true physical mastery was created. Having control over your own body was the finest expression of strength and mobility. Movement is the large umbrella that encompasses all bodyweight strength disciplines – from gymnastics and parkour, through to stretching and plyometric work.


In isolation, each one of these realms can create problems for the body. This is the the nature of specialisation.


The martial artist is banged up and carrying injuries.


The lifter lacks agility and body awareness.


The mover lacks power and real world fitness.


But in combination, these limitations are mitigated. The generalist approach allows us to develop a body that leverages the power of these realms, without the associated drawbacks. All of the pros, less of the cons.


Sure you won’t be the best in any one field, but most of us don’t want or need to be.


We simply want to build a body thats strong, durable and robust. A body that can give us the physical foundation to do whatever we like with it. Whether thats competing in your first BJJ comp, hike Everest, jump in on your partners Crossfit class, or learn to handstand.


The Fight Lift Move method is how we develop this capacity.






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