You’re Elite In The Gym. Unfortunately That’s Not Enough


We spend countless hours building ourselves in the gym. Year after year, working through challenge after challenge. We hone ourselves to become the expert lifter / mover / fighter – take your pick


This sacrifice is noble. There is no replacement for putting your nose to the grind stone and doing the work.


Once you become the expert, the next logical step is to start sharing that expertise with others, right?


You become the go-to person for the skills you’ve spent so many years building. People want to learn from you. You want to share it. You might even open a gym where you can slang your skills to an even larger audience.


It goes great in the beginning. Coaching is so rewarding. People are impressed by the depth of your knowledge.


But business isn’t as easy as you had expected it to be.


The frothy disciples you had start to drop off. People are hanging around, but no ones taking the training to the level you want them to. You resign yourself to the fact that they’re just not committed enough. But…


What you thought it was all about, it actually isn’t.


Being a great coach, isn’t about being the best at ‘the training’…


Sure, you are. And that attracted them to you. But they’re not you. They’re not trying to devote their life to the gym and reach black belt status.


Being a great coach is about being a great leader.


Leadership isn’t for everyone. It’s about building strong relationships with your people. Having the confidence to guide them in their quest. Having the vision of where you’re going and how to get there.


Of course your skill set matters. You cannot teach things you have no understanding of. But most of us take this way further than we need to. We train to become a black belt when all they really need is someone above a white belt (for now)


And in our quest to become a black belt in our field, we fail to develop the other skills which really do matter. The ones that allow us to have our greatest impact on those around us.


Being a clear communicator…


Knowing your purpose…


Being able to clearly articulate your message…


Being a hospitable, caring human…


Having the confidence to be a mentor…


Holding yourself to high standards in all areas (not just training)


These are only some of the skills a great leader must posses. Find me any great coach, and I’ll bet my lunch money they’re a great leader, too.




PS. Our Coaches Intensive will introduce you to the key skill sets we believe all great coaches require. Come and learn how to lead. At the time of writing, the next one is October 2023. Contact me to know more

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