You’ve Done Enough. Now Take The Leap

You know action is the thing.


We’ve all seen enough Tony Robbins-type cats tell us that ‘taking massive action’ is the key


But there is a fine line…


Being unprepared and jumping in face first usually leads to a turbulent, bumpy ride. Maybe we get to where we wanna go, maybe we don’t. The journey is hard. Usually much longer than it needs to be…


The flip side – we do all the preparation but never take any action. The paralysis by analysis thing. We spend so long sharpening the sword that we never actually enter the fight.


Where’s the sweet spot?


Some combination of the two is obviously what’s needed. We need to be prepped to a point, and then we need to jump into the thing.


In the book ‘The Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries, he quotes Reid Hoffman:


“If you’re not embarrassed by your first product release, you’ve released too late”


This statement has always stuck with me.


It assumes that we are prepared for the task ahead. We’ve done the necessary work to proceed. But, we’re not trying to be perfect about it either. There’s going to be a lot to learn on the way, and taking the leap is how we start ‘on our way’


At least that’s how I see it.


It’s the action of taking the leap that allows the true journey to start.


I’m thinking of Esther and Luke, the owners of Jungle Cabarita Beach while writing this.


They’re not launching a widget. They’re opening a gym.


12 months ago they would have told you they were completely unprepared to open a gym with us (arguably they’ve been preparing a very long time in their previous careers, but that’s for another chat)


Since making the call to bring Jungle to Cabarita Beach, they’ve pushed forth without hesitation.


“How do I get leads?”


“Where can I get merch designs?”


“Who’s should I purchase barbells from?”


In every exchange we’ve given a simple response, and they’ve actioned it. No procrastinating, no unnecessary second-guessing, no doubt in their ability to launch a kick ass gym.


They’re probably a little scared. I know we have been anytime we’ve started on a new path


But that fear pales in comparison to the wave of excitement they’re riding right now. The momentum and confidence that comes as part of taking action.


The lessons are being learned. The sword is being sharpened. And their dream gym is coming to life.


Take the leap.



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